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Awaken Activation Ascension 4 - 7 August 2022 Reesville Qld

Awaken Activation Ascension


with Alison Eades The Divine Connexion

@Heaven in the Hills Reesville, Maleny, Qld


Booking the Wellbeing Centre Facilities are optional and incur an extra cost over and above the cost of the retreat. 

We have made these services available to those who wish to extend their retreat experience.

These facilities are charged at the rates shown below.

Crystal Light Therapy Awaken Activation Ascension August 2022

Come and allow your body and energy field to experience this gentle, non-invasive Crystal Light Therapy. The seven pure clear quartz crystals align to each of the 7 major Chakras in your Energy body. A great way to balance and embody the retreat energy.

Find out more about Crystal Light Therapy here

Float Therapy Awaken Activation Ascension August 2022

Let go of all your worries in the Wellbeing Centre's Floatation Tank. It is a soundproof pod filled with warm water and epsom salts. 

A perfect place to take you away to a place of peace and stillness - a great complement to the retreat.

Find out more 

about the Floatation Therapy here

Hydroxy Therapy Awaken Activation Ascension August 2022

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen and Hydrogen Therapy (mHBOHT) takes place in a pressurised pod where you breathe oxygen rich air and Hydrogen. It improves the availability of oxygen to your body which improves healing and enhances your overall wellness. 

Find out more 

about Hydroxy Therapy here

Infrared Sauna at Awaken Activation Ascension August 2022

Enjoy the comfort and warmth of  the infrared sauna heaters which directly heat your body. The deep penetrating infrared light produces a deep, detoxifying sweat. A great way to ditch those toxins, and fully embrace the retreat energies and experiences.

Find out more 

about the Infrared Sauna here

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