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"Within the realms of possibilities everything comes to the surface ... 

with the angelic touch of Source and it's beauty Divine ... 

Alison has opened her heart, body, mind, and soul to us all ... 

a blessing in human form ... 

with compassion, Love, uplift and kindness ... 

this Divine warrior will assist us in transforming and transmuting 

anything that is holding us back 

from the infinite enjoyment of life and our own authentic truth ... 

greatest of gratitude for the Divine presence of this being and the portals she opens ... 

Highly recommended and positively life saving..."

Alicia Kamholtz - Queensland, Australia

"Alison is a talented practitioner with natural abilities whose connection to spirit is undeniable.

In our first session Alison quickly identified my energetic problems and worked on healing recent trauma. She intuitively blended different healing modalities to suit my needs in that moment. 

She left me with simple, practical exercises to continue at home.

I left feeling like I got all the answers and treatment I went in seeking.

Alison's kindness, playful nature and humility 

puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. 

Her authenticity shines through 

and you will develop an instant trusting connection

 in the safe space she creates for you."

Ruby Heard - Queensland, Australia

"You are one of very few people who are able to read me and work with me energetically because of the spiritual and energetic protection that I have around me because of my work.

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading and healing session last night. 

You are so genuine and deeply connected, you are the real deal.

I am always amazed that you channel exactly what I need to hear.


After the session last night, it was so powerful, and today when I was relaxing, I heard the doors open and shut and there was honestly no reaction to the sound! (you know how troubled I was by that just yesterday!). I actually felt like a weight had lifted off me. What I mean is that I woke up and my body was not aching in pain like it has been. I reckon it was that freeing process that freed my body from the emotional pain manifesting as physical pain."

A. J. - Wellington, New Zealand

"Stepping into a sacred relationship with Alison, for anything—readings, healing sessions or coaching and mentoring

— means you are in for a treat as her delightful guiding spirit illuminates your path forward. 

Her spiritual mentoring and coaching is offered from a deep place of connection, caring and love, 

which immediately puts you at ease. 

Alison effortlessly balances deep listening and inquiry work, 

helping you to develop appropriate actions that further your business, and your life, 

in a direction towards your highest and brightest life goals and spiritual aspirations. 

No matter how, or why, you end up working with Alison, you can trust that your divine path

 will crystalize as she helps foster and enlighten your growth, and ultimately, your happiness. 

In short, Alison is a divine gem!"

Debra Rosenman - Author, Healer, Founder of Voices for Wild Souls - Santa Fe, United States

"Alison is the only person I go to for healing and clairvoyant readings. 

I recommend her to all my friends." 

D. C. - Nelson, New Zealand

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