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Awaken Activation Ascension 4 - 7 August 2022 Reesville Qld

Awaken Activation Ascension


with Alison Eades The Divine Connexion

@Heaven in the Hills Reesville, Maleny, Qld

March and August 2023 retreats bookings are open now

Limited spaces available

Register now to ensure your place


Are you a human being having a spiritual experience

 or a spiritual being having a human experience?

Do you feel more at home in a physical world or in the spiritual world?

Or are you comfortable in both?

At Awaken Activation Ascension you will walk through the golden light doorway into the crystalline cosmic grid of ascension. You are invited to delve into a deep exploration of Self and experience the eternal presence of Consciousness.  You are invited to surrender your ego and your mind to the heart space of eternal Love, in alignment with Cosmic Light.

You are inv​ited to BE the Light!

It is in the stillness of BEING - where the spiritual and physical world meet - where you find Peace. Awaken Activation Ascension is a one-of-a-kind retreat where you get supported and held within the deep field of the limitless universe by Alison and our Divine Sisters of Light over a period of 3.5 days and 3 nights.

You will have a transformational experience like no other, with:

   * group and private healings

   * guided meditation

   * Sacred Song

   * Light Language

   * Sound Bath

   * Divine Grace

   * Art from the Heart

The deep exploration of self is facilitated each day through experiential teaching sessions with Alison, which include insights and practices which re-connect you to your Self, your Soul and Source.

Each retreat has a different focus. It might be Lessons in Conscious Living, A Journey Through the Chakras, or The Art Manifesting.

Alison Eades The Divine Connexion is your host at Awaken Activation Ascension. You will also be supported by our Divine Sisters of Light - a wonderful circle of practitioners who have been guided to come together to usher in the new consciousness for humanity. 

At Awaken Activation Ascension we really expect sparks to fly as we all gather to hold Sacred and Divine space for your transformation. We also have special guests and very pleasant surprises. 

You will go home with an activated collection 

of physical and energetic presents (presence).

If you feel called to Awaken Activation Ascension, we highly recommend that you register as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

March a​nd August 2023 retreats bookings are open now

Limited spaces available

Register now to ensure you place


We look forward to seeing you in Heaven.

A RETREAT at the Sunshine Coast Qld August 2022

Awaken Activation Ascension

This transformational 3 and a half day retreat is designed to offer you the opportunity to quiet the mind, find peace, activate your heart chakra and merkaba, reconnecting you to your Self, your Soul, Source. You will be given new habits and disciplines to take home with you to help you move forward from the retreat with grace and grounding.

Heaven in the Hills  is the ideal eco retreat with a variety of cozy, comfy boutique accommodation that includes a family sized cottage, two luxury cabins and a 1912 train carriage split in to two unique separate spaces - all set in pristine bushland at the end of Corks Pocket Road in Reesville, just a few minutes drive west of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Each cabin has a wood fire to ward of the winter chills, gorgeous views and natural bush surrounds where you will feel completely enveloped and nurtured by Earth Mother / Papatuanuku. 

Awaken Activation Ascension at Heaven in the Hills has all of our standard inclusions:

  • Boutique 3 and a half day / three nights 4.5 star luxury accommodation
  • Vegan / vegetarian meals prepared by our personal chef (meat options are available)
  • All group healing, meditations, teachings, and evening special events
  • You will be held in Divine Grace Energy throughout the retreat and be bathed in the Language of Light, Sacred Soul Song and Cosmic Consciousness
  • Daily classes are held in Heaven's Temple overlooking the natural bushland of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland
  • You will receive a private energy healing session at the retreat with Alison and our Divine Sisters of Light.
  • Evening Special Events may include:
             *  Cosmic Divine Light - Sound and Energy Healing with Alison Eades The Divine Connexion, 

             *  Sound Bath with Mago Menla (Marco) Sound Artist

             *  Transformational Dance and Movement with Jackson Kubian

             *  Other guests and events as arranged.

  • Take-home surprises to keep you energised and connected after the retreat
  • 12 months Awaken Activation Ascension monthly Group Mentoring (extra cost) to allow you to continue on your journey of awakening even after the retreat is over.
  • A chance for supported quiet rest and reflection, spiritual emersion, self-love and self-nurturing
  • A chance to connect with a group of positive supportive like minded people
  • A wonderful opportunity to connect with highly experienced practitioners who have been carefully selected by Source to work with you throughout the retreat

We only have 6 to 10 guests at each retreat.  This keeps our retreats very intimate, and allows a very high vibration energy to be maintained and shared intensely throughout the retreat. Each guest will be entrained into the energy, and giving you the maximum opportunity for a life changing transformation.

Full cost per person is $2890.  A $100 discount is available for those who pay in full upon registration. A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance is required in full 6 weeks prior to the retreat commencement date. The balance will be payable by bank deposit via invoice with details emailed once accommodation details are finalised. Payment plans are available on a case by case basis.


All rooms are luxuriously appointed and spacious. Rooms are within the house, the cottage, cabins or the train carriage with plenty of additional space, lounge areas, kitchen and balcony areas. All rooms have either a queen or double bed. Some rooms have shared bathroom facilities, and some have an ensuite and kitchenette. Room preferences will be subject to availability. We cannot guarantee your preference will be available.

More on Heaven in the Hills here.

For more information please contact our host 

Alison Eades The Divine Connexion on 

0491 477 055 or

March a​nd August 2023 retreats bookings are open now

Limited spaces available

Book now to ensure your place


Meet Alison

Awaken Activation Ascension Alison Eades Retreat August 2022

Alison Eades

Host - Awaken Activation Ascension

The Divine Connexion

Master Energy Healer

Soul Portrait Artist, Spiritual Teacher | Mentor | Coach

Meditation Facilitator, Oneness Blessing Giver

* Maroochydore, Redcliffe and online *

Alison has nearly 20 years’ experience as a certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher. She has been a Oneness Blessing Giver for 13 years and has been practicing Oneness for over 16 years. She has been meditating for over 20 years.

She is an Angel of the Blue Light and she works and masters her ability of healing and activation by working with high vibrational energetic frequencies directly from Source, as well as from the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Space Beings, and Enlightened Beings. All of which make up The Divine Light.

This high vibrational energy is channelled as Language of Light, Sacred Soul Song and Divine energy and it extends deep within her client's body and soul to a DNA, cellular and cosmic connection level. Her healing and Love expands to those she works with, restoring and balancing and extending grace and peace.

Alison receives intuitive messages that help and guide you along your ascension journey, helping you to live a fulfilling, satisfying, happy and joyful life. Understanding and clearing that which no longer serves you, resetting cellular, DNA and energetic structure, and activating cosmic and chakra connection as guided. Re-connecting you to your Soul Being and the Source of All That Is.

Alison has been initiated by the Council of Light. She has surrendered to a deep connection with Source and has been directed by the Council of Light to create this retreat for the benefit of those who choose to attend.

At Awaken Activation Ascension, Alison will be conducting 7 x 1 hour lessons over 3 days. Each Retreat Guest will go home with many insights into self-love and self-connection, along with exercises which will help to create new habits and discipline to live from the Heart.

Alison is also facilitating Cosmic Divine Light - Sound and Energy Healing - one of the three Evening Special Events.

What people are saying about Alison's work. . .

"I am so delighted to be part of this retreat. 

I would most certainly come again. 

The rewards are beyond reason. 

Any one that is thinking about doing this retreat.


You will enjoy it immensely."

Janis Gibson - Psychic Wisdom, Brisbane. August Retreat 2022

Its exceptional work that Alison does, 

the connection that she brings and the insight that she has. 

So I didn't hesitate to attend the retreat.  

It has just blown me out of the water 

the level of healing and energy and intensity 

that I have realised though out this process. 

I highly recommend the Retreat. Give it a go. 

You will have never experienced anything like this.

Lee-Anne Borham - Attune Health, Maroocydore. August Retreat 2022

"Within the realms of possibilities everything comes to the surface ...

with the angelic touch of Source and it's beauty Divine ...

Alison has opened her heart, body, mind, and soul to us all ...

a blessing in human form ...

with compassion, Love, uplift and kindness ...

this Divine warrior will assist us in transforming and transmuting

anything that is holding us back

from the infinite enjoyment of life and your own authentic truth ...

greatest of gratitude for the Divine presence of this being and the portals she opens ...

Highly recommended and positively life saving..."

Alicia Kamholtz Brisbane June 2022

"Alison's kindness, playful nature and humility

puts you at ease as soon as you meet her.

Her authenticity shines through

and you will develop an instant trusting connection

in the safe space she creates for you."

Ruby Heard Rockhampton October 2021

Wellbeing Centre Facilities

To extend your experience at the retreat, we are offering the 

on-premise Wellbeing Centre Facilities which include:

Infrared Sauna

Crystal Light Therapy

Float Therapy

Hydroxy Therapy

(These are available first-in-first-served at extra cost)

A RETREAT at the Sunshine Coast Qld August 2022

March a​nd August 2023 retreats bookings are open now

Limited spaces available

Book now to ensure your place


Copyright @20232 Alison Eades The Divine Connexion. 

All rights reserved.

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