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I am passionate about awareness, spirituality and delivering messages from the heart! We are here to harness the power that exists in the harmony, balance and flow between the spiritual world and the physical world.

It has taken me many years of dedicated spiritual practice, meditation and inner awareness - through an incredibly challenging and yet amazing journey which has brought me to where I am now - living my life's purpose helping others to learn how to heal their trauma, live in a peaceful state, find their way back to their own hearts and the balance between the spiritual and the physical.

Along the way, I have gained the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor Applied Science - Computing (1987)
  • Honours Diploma - Art and Creativity (Drawing, Painting and Photography) (2012)
  • Certified Advanced Healing Practitioner (2006)
  • Certified Results Coach (2020)
  • Oneness Blessing Giver (2009)
  • Initiated Happiness Meditator (2019)
  • Initiated Ekam Meditator (2019)
  • Participant in multiple Oneness courses including:
    • Journey to Awakening,
    • Journey to Happiness,
    • Manifest Courses,
    • Source and Synchronicities.

This breadth of training over the last 30 to 40 years has given me the gift of a peaceful awareness. I work somewhere between coach, healer, mentor and teacher. I see deeply into other people's traumas, source of suffering, limiting beliefs, obstacles etc and together with my clients, develop the best method for them to create acceptance, healing and moving forward. This means our sessions together are stronger, more powerful and more meaningful. Our connection to the Divine Source, Enlightened Beings and Light Beings etc is constantly being strengthened and acknowledged.

As I have come to Allow, I have realised that I am able to be a clear channel for Divine Source. My main purpose in this lifetime is to assist people to move into the 5th dimension. (Using the term 5th dimension is a human term it's really about allowing yourself to live in alignment with pure Divine Love divine energy).

This is all about the flowering of your heart and it can only occur as we release everything that we are resisting - trauma, hurt, emotions, triggers etc. Divine Source brings through light language, and what I call sacred song, energy work, visions and so on. My soul (this point of Divine Source) has experienced many dimensions, realms, timelines etc so that this unique work can be brought to humans at this time. 

I also see the form of the souls of many of my clients. I can translate light language, know exactly what is going on in your body when I work with you, read crystals etc.... however, it's all about Divine Source - I am just a vessel used to achieve the end result of waking up humanity which in turn will have an effect on all of existence.

I would be honoured to be invited to hold your hand on your journey to help you gain more clarity, understanding, connection and wisdom. If you learn to re-connect to our heart, your soul and Divine Source, you will find inner peace and one by one each one of us will help to create world peace.

I am at your service as an instrument of Divine Source.

Blessings, Alison

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